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Sat, 22 Nov 1997

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Letter to Resonance regarding PC's

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Stat-Math Unit
8th Mile, Mysore Road
R. V. College Post
Bangalore 560 059

November 22, 1997

The Editor
Indian Academy of Sciences
C. V. Raman Avenue
Bangalore 560 012

Dear Professor

This is with reference to the articles on Personal Computers and
Software that have appeared in Resonance. Informative articles on
the different architectures, different processor classes and operating
systems are doubtless of interest. Moreover, it is certainly a good
idea to illustrate these concepts with reference to the most common

However, I was perturbed to see that the articles published are
given titles like "Windows 95" or "The Pentium processor" and deal
almost entirely with these commercial products. It is almost in the
same spirit that one could expect to see an article on how frost-free
refrigerators work with the title "What the benefits of a BPL 6-door

Unless Resonance thinks of these articles as advertisements and
accepts payment from the relevant companies I think such articles
should be suitably modified. The information provided can also be
found in the commercial computer magazines (like PC Magazine and
Byte) which (I suppose) do get paid for the free publicity. There is
reason to hope that Resonance will be different!

Yours sincerely,

K. H. Paranjape


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