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Sun, 05 Oct 2008

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Will I be at 2008?

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The Omelette Post by Atul Chitnis provoked a lot of discussion and Christian Perrier's response explains the objections clearly. I disagree with them both in different ways. Hence this post.

Atul Chitnis is not known for his politeness (unfortunately, like many in the FLOSS community). In such cases, it is best to try to understand the (positive) intent behind the words written rather than concentrate on the words themselves --- the current kabab mein haddi seems to be "low-hanging fruit". I agree with Christian that finding, analysing and fixing bugs ranks up there along with writing programs; especially since many of today's programmers continue to be ''bug-generators'' in the sense of (and in spite of) Dijkstra's article.

My reading of the Omelette Post is that hacking should take precendence over talking at 2008 --- a sentiment that I find quite palatable and even tasty! So let's see if we can have a Debian Workout at 2008.

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