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Fri, 29 Jul 2005

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A metre of rain

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The rainfall started at around 1:30pm on 26th afternoon and continued until 1:30pm on 27th afternoon. The total rain was close to 1000mm! As you can imagine Mumbai was essentially at a standstill and a number of people lost their lives (landslide in Saki Naka) and were injured.

On a personal note. I was at IIT Powai and saw no real effect of rain in terms of food, water, electricity etc. However, 26th was the day when my mother chose to come on her own from Pune (instead of coming here with me when I went there on Sunday!). It was also the day when my sister and nephew were supposed to fly in from Heathrow at midnight. So as you can imagine, phone calls (such as could be made with a congested network) were flying back and forth furiously. My mother made it to a cousin's house in Vashi and my sister and nephew landed in Dubai! All's well that ends well, however as both of them are now safely ensconced with relatives!


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