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Fri, 10 Feb 2006

I got hit by a car

accident, caltech [link] [comments ()] [raw]

You will probably find out anyway and may wonder why I didn't tell you yet...or maybe not :) In any case you might be wondering why I am not answering the phone. Explanations follow.

The good news is that there are no major bruises or cuts and there are no fractures or torn ligaments.

The bad news is that on Wednesday evening while walking home from Caltech I got hit by a car while walking.

All that seems to have happened is that a number of different muscle groups that haven't been used in a while (remember Shanks and his back muscle?) were brought into play as I tried to react and those muscles are now complaining bitterly.

The car was moving quite slowly as it was trying to make a left turn. The driver said it was dark so they couldn't see me. Still I was on the pedestrian crossing and it was "walk" for me!

Luckily some guy from Caltech paramedics was in another car so he called the police and told me "don't try to move right now" and bundled me off in an ambulance. The preliminary x-rays have come out OK.

After the emergency room discharged me, my friend and colleague Dinakar (with whom I'm doing a project here) brought me to his home. He and his wife Pat were insistent that I stay over the long weekend at their place. They have been really hospitable and kind. Dinakar also took me yesterday to a doc who looked me over and said that the aches seemed to be muscular. He said I could travel in a couple of weeks. Overall there is nothing to worry about. I'll go back to my own apartment on Monday so that I can try to return to a sense of normalcy.

All in all it was unlucky but not as unlucky as it could have been, so I'm quite cheerful.

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