Sushmita Venugopalan

Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
CIT Campus Taramani Chennai, 600113, India.
Email :

Research Interests: I am interested in Symplectic Geometry. I am currently working on Lagrangian Floer theory. I have also worked on symplectic foliations, and the symplectic vortex equations.


(with Chris Woodward and Guangbo Xu) Fukaya categories of blowups, arXiv:2006.12264.

(with Chris Woodward) Tropical Fukaya algebras, arXiv:2004.14314.

Novikov's theorem in higher dimensions? arXiv:1907.05876.

(with Fran Presas) Strong foliated filling of sphere cotangent bundles, arXiv:1809.10363.

(with Guangbo Xu) Local model for moduli space of affine vortices, International Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 29 (2018), No. 03.

Vortices on surfaces with cylindrical ends, Journal of Geometry and Physics, 98 (2015), 575-606.

(with Chris Woodward) Classification of affine vortices, Duke Mathematical Journal, 165 (2016), no. 9, 1695 - 1751.

Yang-Mills heat flow on gauged holomorphic maps, J. Symplectic Geom. 14 (2016), no. 3, 903-981.

(with A. Tripathi, D. B. West) A short constructive proof of the Erdős-Gallai characterization of graphic lists, Discrete Math, 310 (2010), no. 4, 843 - 844.


Functional Analysis, IMSc, Spring 2020.
Floer theory, IMSc, Spring 2019.
Algebraic Topology, IMSc, Spring 2018.
Introduction to Symplectic Geometry, taught jointly in CMI and IMSc, Spring 2017.
Differential Equations, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Spring 2016.
Differential Geometry, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Spring 2015.

Other activities

I co-organized the conference Novel Vistas on Vortices in Simons Center for Geometry and Physics in November 2019.

I am the organizer of Facets, an annual mathematics outreach event organized by IMSc for college students. It is typically held in the first or second week of July. Past webpages : 2019, 2018, 2017.