The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai, in association with the EPSRC-DST Indo-UK Initiative in Applied Mathematics and the EU-FP7 supported Indo-European Research Network in Mathematics for Health and Disease, will host a workshop and conference on the modeling of infectious diseases.

The workshop aims at providing hands-on training to researchers from different quantitative sciences in the modeling of several aspects of infectious diseases, including

The primary objective of the workshop is to expose the strong mathematical biology community in India and the UK to the area of infectious disease modeling, with particular emphasis on young scientists. The conference following the workshop will bring together biologists, clinicians and public health specialists working on infectious diseases with scientists from a modeling background, with the aim of fostering cross-disciplinary interactions and long-term collaborations. Contributed talks by participants are encouraged and will be selected from abstracts submitted at the time of application for the conference.

The events are being jointly organised by:

Applications with CV and a motivation statement (for workshop) and a talk title & abstract (for conference) can be submitted by e-mail to:

PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are requested to arrange for a letter of recommendation from a senior scientist familiar with their work.

Last date of Application: 23 October 2015

For information regarding local arrangements please write to:


Confirmed Speakers :


Vineeta Bal (NII, Delhi)
Rameshwar N K Bamezai (JNU, New Delhi)
Robin Callard (UCL, London)
Anton Camacho (LSHTM, London)
Edgar Delgado-Eckert (University of Basel, Basel)
Sebastian Funk (LSHTM, London)
Gwen Knight (Imperial College, London)
Saumyadipta Pyne (IIPH, Hyderabad)
Satyajit Rath (NII, Delhi)


Niyaz Ahmed (University of Hyderabad)
Mario Castro (Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Madrid)
Narendra Dixit (IISc Bangalore)
Jose Faro (University of Vigo, Vigo)
Udaykumar Ranga (JNCASR Bangalore)
Balachandran Ravindran (ILS, Bhubaneswar)
Martin Lopez-Garcia (University of Leeds, Leeds)




Organizers: Sitabhra Sinha (IMSc), Gautam Menon (IMSc), Carmen Molina-Paris (University of Leeds, Leeds) and Grant Lythe (University of Leeds, Leeds)


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