BioCS16: Mini-meeting on the computer science/biology interface

December 10-11, 2016


The theoretical computer science and computational biology groups at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, are organising a short, informal meeting on the biology/computer science interface, December 10-11, 2016, on the sidelines of FSTTCS 2016.

Venue: Room 123 (NOTE CHANGE!), The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 600113
(From main entrance, take road on the right, past the main building, enter auditorium building, follow corridor on left)


Talks will start at 14:00 on 10th and 09:00 on 11th, ending by 12:00 on 11th.

No formal "registration", but if you want to attend, please send a mail to rsidd at imsc dot res dot in (for tea/meal estimates).

Note that the 09:40 talk on 11th is cancelled. The other talks will remain in their scheduled slot, and we may use the 09:40 slot for discussion/spillover questions/etc

Saturday 10 December 2016
13:00Welcome lunch at Institute Canteen 1st Floor
14:00Venkatesh Raman, IMSc ChennaiBurrows-Wheeler Transform and FM Index
14:40Leelavati Narlikar, NCL PuneUnderstanding intricacies of long-range regulation of transcriptionabstract
15:20Shashank Sharma, IIT Delhi De-Novo Assembly of Short Reads in Minimal Overlap Modelabstract
16:00Tea/coffee break
16.20Meirav Zehavi, U Bergen, NorwayThe Copy Number Transformation Problemabstract
17:00Vishaka Datta, NCBS BangaloreDetecting cooperatively bound transcription factor pairs through ChIP-seq abstract
17:40Vijay Natarajan, IISc BangaloreGeometric and Topological Modeling of Channels in Biomoleculesabstract
19:00Dinner at Institute Canteen 1st Floor
Sunday 11 December 2016
09:00Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan U, IsraelTwo Glass Balls and a Towerabstract
09:40(CANCELLED)Mandayam Srivas, CMI ChennaiSAT Solvers and Biology Modeling
10:20Tea/coffee break
10:40Dan Gusfield, UC Davis, CA USAAssociation Mapping for Compound Heterozygous Traits, using Phenotypic Distance abstract
11:20Rahul Siddharthan, IMSc ChennaiMachine learning and clinical dataabstract

Participants who want to attend RoA 2016 (starting 11th afternoon at CMI) can leave at 12:00, to reach CMI in time for lunch. Transport will be provided.

Please check back for updates.

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