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Under this page I will collect material for my course on Operating Systems. As you can see there is not much yet!

The Course Contents as planned at the start of the course. The list of references has been updated.

There are some online resources regarding the ix86 hardware that are useful to understand the most popular machines used for GNU/Linux.

To begin with you can download an archive and install with tar xzf toot1.tar.gz. This should unpack into its own directory called toot1. Change directory to that directory and execute ./run_toot. After this you should be able to play around with a rather minimal GNU/Linux system. All changes you make within this environment should be non-desctructive. If the system hangs go to another terminal window and type killall linux. The system also shuts down when you type exit at the command prompt.

  1. Part I: What is an Operating System good for?

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