INO at Bodi West Hills, Tamil Nadu

inofaqtn_bwh.pdf Frequently asked questions on INO, Feb 2010.

brochureneweng.pdf Brochure in English on INO, July 2010.

brochurenewtam.pdf Brochure in Tamil on INO, July 2010.

Older Reports on INO

Reports on the feasibility of INO at Singara, Tamil Nadu

Note: The Forest clearance for this site was not obtained. Subsequently, INO has moved to the alternative option at Bodi West Hills, also in Tamil Nadu.

singara.pdf INO at Singara : A report, (updated) May 2009

muck.pdf Logistics of material movement at Singara : A report, Dec 2008

EIA.pdf Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of the INO project, Singara, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, by P.A. Azeez, S. Bhupathy, P. Balasubramanian, Rachna Chandra, and P.P. Nikhilraj, Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, March 2007

EMP.pdf Environmental Management Plan for the INO project at Singara and Masinagudi (Nilgiris), Tamil Nadu, by Care Earth, Chennai (Project Team: R.J. Ranjit Daniels, Jayshree Vencatesan, C. Arivazhagan, P.S. Easa, and K. Thiyagesan), completed May 2008; accepted Nov 2008; revised Oct 2009

compliance.pdf Environmental Management Plan: Compliance Report for the proposed INO project at Singara, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, July 2008

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