Optics & Quantum Information Group
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
(Autonomous Inst. under DAE, Govt. of India)
IV Cross Road, CIT Campus, Taramani
Chennai - 600113, India



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  Education and Previous Affiliations

  1. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
  2. University College Cork, Ireland
  3. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada
  4. Institute for Quantum Computing, Canada
  5. Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK
  6. New College, University of Oxford, UK
  7. National College - Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

I am a quantum physicst working broadly in the area of Quantum Information and Quantum Computation. My current affiliations,

  1. Faculty member (2015 - ), The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
  2. Affiliate Member (2017 - ), Institute For Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada.
  3. Adjunct Faculty (2020 -), Instrumentation and Applied Physics, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru.

OPEN POSITIONS -- Details and how to apply

If you are interested in CONTRACT BASED SCIENTIST, POST DOCTORAL and PROJECT ASSISTANT positions to work with us on a new EXPERIMENTAL QUANTUM OPTICS AND QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING project at IISc, Bengaluru and have any queries, drop an email to me.

  Research Interests

Research interest of our group are broadly in the area of Quantum Information and Quantum Computation with particular interest in topics related to :
  1. Quantum algorithms and quantum simulations on near term quantum hardware
  2. Protocols for digital quantum simulations
  3. Quantum Algorithms : Quantum walks and quantum cellular automata
  4. Quantum communication and quantum networks
  5. Relativistic quantum physics and particle physics using qubits
  6. Open quantum systems
  7. Quantum many body systems, ultracold atoms(BECs) and quantum phase transitions

  Notable Scholarships / Fellowships

  1. Ramanujan Fellowship - 2015 -2020 (availing only research grants)
    Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
  2. Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Fellowship - 2007-2009
    Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo, Canada
  3. Rhodes Scholarship - 2002-2005; University of Oxford, UK

  Brief Biography

I completed my B.Sc from National College (Jayanagar) Bangalore, India. In 2002, I moved to University of Oxford, UK on Rhodes Scholarship.  At Oxford, I worked on experimental Bose-Einstein condensates for slightly over two years in Ultra-cold quantum matter group(Prof. C. J. Foot’s group), Clarendon Laboratory. While at Oxford, my interest towards theoretical aspects of quantum information theory and quantum computing lead me to Waterloo, Canada which houses Institute for Quantum Computing and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. At Waterloo, I worked under the guidelines of Prof. R. Laflamme and completed my Ph.D in the year 2009.