List of my few publications are following:

  • “Network analysis of a corpus of undeciphered Indus civilization inscriptions indicates syntactic organization”, S. Sinha, M.I.Ashraf, R.K. Pan and B.K. Wells, in Computer Speech and Language, Vol 25 Issue 3 (2011) 639–654 click here

  • “Core-periphery organization of graphemes in written sequences: Decreasing positional rigidity with increasing core order”,M. I. Ashraf and S. Sinha, in CICLing 2012, Part I (Ed. A. Gelbukh) Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7181 (2012) 142-153 click here

  • “Identifying indispensable proteins of the type III secretion systems of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain LT2”,C.Lahiri, P.Shrikant, R.Sabarinathan, M.I.Ashraf, D.Chakravortty, in BMC Bioinformatics, Vol 13(Suppl 12) (2012) A10 click here

  • “Directional asymmetry in linguistic sequences”,M. I. Ashraf and S. Sinha, (Manuscript in preparation). click here

  • “Segmenting linguistic sequences by inferring long-range correlations from corpus statistics”, (Manuscript in preparation). click here