TARK 2015

Fifteenth conference on
Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge

TARK 2015 took place at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA during June 4--6, 2015.
The mission of the TARK conferences is to bring together researchers from a wide variety of fields, including Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Economics and Game Theory, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, in order to further our understanding of interdisciplinary issues involving reasoning about rationality and knowledge.

TARK 2015 is the 15th conference of the TARK conference series. Previous conferences have been held bi-annually around the world. The most recent conference was held in 2013 at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India.

The proceedings of TARK 2015 can be accessed here. They have also been published in the series Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science as EPTCS 215 . The proceedings of all previous TARK conferences can be accessed here.

TARK 2015 is co-located with the The Carnegie Mellon Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology.