TARK 2013 Program

Monday January 7, 2013

8.00 Registration
Burkhard C. Schipper, R. Ramanujam
9:30Invited Talk
Pierpaolo Battigalli
Dynamic Epistemic Game Theory
10:30Tea/Coffee Break
11:00 Contributed Talks: Complexity

Pavel Naumov and Brittany Nicholls
R.E. Axiomatization of Conditional Independence

Guillaume Aucher and François Schwarzentruber
On the Complexity of Dynamic Epistemic Logic

Edith Hemaspaandra, Lane A. Hemaspaandra and Jörg Rothe
The Complexity of Online Manipulation of Sequential Elections
14:00 Contributed Talks

Davide Grossi, Emiliano Lorini and François Schwarzentruber
Ceteris Paribus Structure in Logics of Game Forms

Arina Britz and Ivan Varzinczak
Defeasible Modalities

Eric Pacuit, Arthur Paul Pedersen and Jan-Willem Romeijn
When is an example a counterexample?
15:30Tea/Coffee Break
16:00 Contributed Talks: Agreement and Interactive Preferences

Bassel Tarbush
Agreeing on decisions: An analysis with counterfactuals

Jayant Ganguli and Aviad Heifetz
Universal interactive preferences
17:00 Closing of the 1st Day
18:00 Cultural Event

Tuesday January 8, 2013

9:00Invited Talk
Rineke Verbrugge
Logic in the Lab
10:00 Contributed Talk: Awareness

Hans van Ditmarsch, Tim French, Fernando R. Velazquez-Quesada and Yi Wang
Knowledge, awareness, and bisimulation
10:30Tea/Coffee Break
11:00 Short Presentations (10 min each)

Joseph Halpern and Rafael Pass
Game Theory with Translucent Players

Tivadar Papai, Henry Kautz and Daniel Stefankovic
Reasoning Under the Principle of Maximum Entropy for Modal Logics K45, KD45, and S5

Torben Braüner
Hybrid-Logical Reasoning in False-Belief Tasks

Rodica Bozianu, Catalin Dima and Constantin Enea
Model-checking an Epistemic $\mu$-calculus with Synchronous and Perfect Recall Semantics

Jan Van Eijck
PDL as a Multi-Agent Strategy Logic

Hans van Ditmarsch, Jérôme Lang and Abdallah Saffidine
Strategic voting and the logic of knowledge

12:00Discussion at the Poster Boards
14:00 Contributed Talks: Common Knowledge, Communication, and Coordination

Ido Ben-Zvi and Yoram Moses
The Shape of Reactive Coordination Tasks

Jeffrey Kane and Pavel Naumov
Epistemic Logic for Communication Chains

Yannai A. Gonczarowski and Yoram Moses
Timely Common Knowledge: Characterising Asymmetric Distributed Coordination via Vectorial Fixed Points
15:30Tea/Coffee Break
16:00 Contributed Talks: Knowledge-Based Programs

Xiaowei Huang and Ron Van Der Meyden
Symbolic Synthesis of Knowledge-based Program Implementations with Synchronous Semantics

Jérôme Lang and Bruno Zanuttini
Knowledge-Based Programs as Plans: Succinctness and the Complexity of Plan Existence
17:00 TARK Business Meeting
19:00 Conference Dinner
Dinner Speech by Rohit Parikh
Epistemic Reasoning and Literature

Wednesday January 9, 2013

9:00Invited Talk
Lin Fangzhen
Knowledge Representation and Computer-Aided Theorem Discovery
10:00 Contributed Talk

Gabrielle Anderson, Matthew Collinson and David Pym
Utility-based Decision-making in Distributed Systems Modelling
10:30Tea/Coffee Break
11:00 Contributed Talks: Strategic Interaction

Eduardo Espinosa Avila and Francisco Hernández-Quiroz
Bounded rationality in a dynamic alternate game

Adam Bjorndahl, Joseph Halpern and Rafael Pass
Language-based Games
12:00 Rump Session
14:00 Excursion to Mahabalipuram