Teacher's Enrichment Workshop
A week-long workshop for mathematics teachers of engineering colleges
of the National Centre for Mathematics (NCM)
funded from J C Bose fellowship of Prof. T R Ramadas (CMI)
co-funded and hosted by The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)
under its "Enriching Collegiate Education" series of workshops

Dates: 25th - 30th November 2019
Venue: Chandrasekhar Hall, IMSc (getting here)

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The broad goal of IMSc's Enriching Collegiate Education series of workshops is to bring research mathematicians and college teachers together in an effort to enrich mathematics education in colleges. It is noteworthy in this context that IMSc is primarily a research institute. This workshop is part of the Teacher's Enrichment Workshop series of the NCM.

This week-long workshop is aimed at mathematics teachers in engineering colleges, to enable them to revisit and update domain knowledge. The lectures will cover a few specific topics (see below). The workshop also includes discussion sessions where teachers can get doubts cleared and work out exercises (both routine and advanced).


Algebra, K. N. Raghavan
Basic examples of groups and homomorphisms, equivalences and partitions, group actions and some applications,the orbit - stabilizer formula, class equation, Sylow's theorem, finitely generated abelian groups.

Linear Algebra, Pralay Chatterjee
Review of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, inner product spaces and linear transformations, matrix eigen value problem, some applications of eigen value problems, symmetric and orthogonal matrices, singular value decomposition, quadratic forms.

Cryptography, K. Srinivas
Elliptic Curves, addition formula, elliptic curves over finite fields, the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, double and add algorithm, Elliptic Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, Elliptic Elgamal cryptosystem.

A tentative schedule is now available here.

How to apply?

Applications for this workshop are now closed.

Photos of the workshop will be uploaded here.
Other information

Lunch (and tea, coffee, snacks) will be provided on all days of the workshop to all selected participants free of cost. Certificates of participation will be issued.

This workshop is intended primarily for teachers from local colleges. Travel and accommodation arrangements are left entirely to the participants. IMSc is unable to provide any assistance towards travel or accomodation. Teachers not in the vicinity of Chennai who are interested in the TEW series of workshops are advised to look for a workshop closer to them: TEW workshops 2019.

Teachers not in engineering colleges (e.g., arts & science colleges) may apply but preference in selection will be given to teachers from engineering colleges.

Links to upcoming and past outreach events (including videos, slides and notes) may be found here.

For any other queries, email us: outreach@imsc.res.in