Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai

Date & time


3rd - 9th April, 9am - 6pm

Date & time


10th - 12th April, 9am - 6pm

Frustrated Magnetism: School and Conference

Frustrated magnetism is an exciting area of condensed matter physics. While this field is primarily driven by experimental studies of a wide range of materials, it is a testbed for exciting theoretical ideas. A new entrant to this field is faced with the challenge of learning several concepts and techniques that are not typically covered in graduate courses. Moreover, one must become familiar with well-known archetypal materials and experimental probes

This school is aimed at filling this gap -- internationally recognized researchers who are leaders in the field of quantum disordered systems will lecture on a wide range of topics. These lectures will be at a pedagogical level, accessible to a beginning graduate student familiar with quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.The school will be followed by a three day conference discussing current advancements in frustrated magnetism. It will touch upon themes such as novel phases and quantum criticality, topological phases in magnetism, spin liquids, spin ice physics, effects of disorder, etc.

School Lecturers

An introduction to frustrated magnetism

Prof. John Chalker

University of Oxford
Numerical approaches for frustrated magnetism

Prof. Anders Sandvik

Boston University
Novel phases in frustrated magnetism

Prof. Karlo Penc

Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Spin liquids

Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee

The Kitaev model

Prof. Diptiman Sen

Indian Institute of Science
Quantum spin ice

Prof. Shigeki Onoda


Conference Speakers

Shigeki Onoda


Ronny Thomale

Wuerzburg University

Tai-Kai Ng


Shuichi Murakami

Tokyo Institute of Physics

Krishnendu Sengupta

IACS, Kolkata

R Nirmala


Yasir Iqbal

Wuerzburg University

Kedar Damle


Avinash V. Mahajan

IIT Bombay

Masafumi Udagawa

Gakushuin University

Gang Chen

Fudan University

Ying-Jer Kao

National Taiwan University

Brijesh Kumar


Yogesh Singh

IISER Mohali

Mukul Laad


Pinaki Majumdar


Soumya Bera

IIT Bombay

Soumik Mukhopadhyay

IIT Kanpur

Ramesh Chandra Nath

IISER Thiruvananthapuram

Hidemaro Suwa

University of Tennessee

Pinaki Sengupta


Karlo Penc

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Saptarshi Mandal

IOP, Bhubaneswar

Subhro Bhattacharjee


Bireswar Basu-Mallick


Manoranjan Kumar

SN Bose

Johannes Reuther


Ashim Kumar Pramanik


Organizing Institutes

*Support from the Partner Group of MPIPKS Dresden at IACS Kolkata is gratefully acknowledged.


Arnab Sen

IACS, Kolkata

R. Ganesh

IMSc, Chennai

Bohm-Jung Yang

SNU, Seoul

Rajesh Narayanan

IIT-Madras, Chennai

Prabuddha Chakraborty

ISI Chennai


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