Post Doctoral Programme - Physics

The Institute welcomes applications for Post-doctoral fellowships in all areas of Physics, particularly in those of interest to the Physics faculty. The names of faculty and details about their interests can be found at the Physics Home Page. The fellowships are normally for one year, but can be extended by up to an additional year.

SALARY: At present it ranges from Rs. 32,000/- (in case thesis is submitted but not yet defended) upto a maximum of Rs. 40000/- per month. In addition a contingency grant of Rs. 32,000/year is provided. Furnished accommodation and medical coverage will be provided. A House Rent  Allowance (equal to 30% of the fellowship amount) is provided for those who do not require Institute accommodation.

SELECTION: Selections will be made in March and September every year. 

QUALIFICATION: A PhD in  Physics with research work done in an appropriate area.

The application material and all subsequent correspondence should be send to:

The Director
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113, India
Email: director [AT] imsc[dot]res[dot]in

Electronic correspondence is preferred.

CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: high-Tc super-conductivity, fractional quantum Hall effect, quantum dots, quantum magnetism, liquid He_4, anyons/fractional/anomalous/q statistics, classical clusters, Bose-Einstein condensation, chemisorption and electron dynamics at metal-vacuum and electro-chemical interfaces, phases of vortex matter.

STATISTICAL MECHANICS: Glassy dynamics, crystallization, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, fracture and flow in disordered systems, random and frustrated spin systems, martensites, flux-lattice melting, bio-membranes, molecular motors; A growing general interest in biology related problems.

NONLINEAR DYNAMICS: Chaos - classical and quantum, chaos control and synchronization, chaotic computers, solitary waves and solitons, geometrical aspects, applications to low-dimensional spin systems.

HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS: Neutrino physics, CP-violation, particle phenomenology, QCD, confinement, quantum field theory, string theory, quantum gravity.

MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS: Group theory, quantum groups, non-commutative geometry.



For Mathematics see here.


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