Master Class in Modular Theory


  • Here is a brief preliminary blurb on the workshop.

  • Here is a Welcome page to get you started.

  • All Indian participants selected for this workshop will be reimbursed return travel fare as per Government rules for entitlement (IInd AC train fare for graduate students, air-fare for regular faculty, etc.) and all selected participants will be lodged (two to a room) in the IMSc guest house, and their board and lodging will be taken care of, by IMSc. (Except for people who have made specific requests to the contrary, board and lodging will be provided from Sunday 23/11 to Saturday 06/12.) November is the usual period of the monsoon that hits the east coast of India, so participants of the workshop would be well-advised to come equipped with an umbrella.

  • If you are coming to participate in the workshop, directions for getting to IMSc may be found here. If you are coming to IMSc for the first time, it may be a good idea to follow the above link to the page with directions for coming here from the airport or station, as may apply to you, and keep a print out of that page with you.

  • Here is some information on computers and connectivity at IMSc.

  • Here is a list of participants.

  • Here is a schedule of the programme.

  • Serban has kindly permitted the participants of the workshop to access his two books Lectures and Modular Theory here.

  • There will be a group photograph at 13.15 on Thursday Dec. 4th.

  • There will be a conference banquet on Thursday Dec. 4th evening.

  • There will be a one-day excursion to `Mahabalipuram' and `Dakshina Chitra' on Saturday the 29th. Interested people are requested to give their names to Panchu(gopal Bikram), as early as possible, so that suitable arrangements can be made.

  • Here are some notes for Serban's lectures, painstakingly and lovingly hand-written by the man himself: (a) 24/11(1); (b) 24/11(2); (c) 25/11; (d) 26/11; (e) 27/11; (f) 28,/11; (g) 01/12; (h) 02-05/12.

  • Here is a playlist of videos of the talks at the workshop. Right now, it has only the lectures on the first two days; but subsequent lectures will periodically be made available at this link itself.

  • Here is an updated set of notes kindly prepared by Masamichi

  • Here is a group photograph of the participants.