Satellite Conference on Operator Algebras

  • This is now the conference home page. The old Conference home-page is here.

  • Here is the programme for the conference.

  • These are the people who will be participating in the conference.

  • Here are the titles and abstracts of the talks.

  • Here is some information on computers and connectivity at IMSc.

  • Here is some information on a shuttle that will run regulary on the stipulated routes which might be useful for people travelling between IMSc and Adyar, in general, and Hotel Esthell, in particular. In order to get to IMSc from Hotel Esthell before 0930, you should be out on the road in front of the hotel by 0850.

  • Here you will find a recording of Paramita's concert .

  • Here are those `.pdf' files of talks at the conference which the speakers have given me so far: Stephen Curran, Ken Dykema, Siegfried Echterhoff, Fred Goodman, Rolf Gohm, Debasish Goswami, Alice Guionnet, Cyril Houdayer, Masaki Izumi, Yasu Kawahigashi, Claus Koestler, Vijay Kodiyalam, Eric Ricard, Thomas Schick, Roland Speicher, S. Sundar.

  • Here is a group photograph taken at the conference.