Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory


  • This was initially the brain-child of Ed Effros. He drafted this blurb for the workshop; but then due to unavoidable circumstances, he could not participate at the fruition of the workshop.

  • Here is a revised blurb.

  • The list of participants for the workshop may be found here.

  • Here is the programme for the workshop.

  • Participants might be well-advised to take a look at these preliminary notes provided kindly by Paulsen.

  • Here is an overview with some references prepared by Andreas for his lectures.

  • Here are some hand-written notes that KRP has kindly provided for his third lecture.

  • A set of notes to go with the videos was written up by some of us, posted in the arXiv and which we hope will eventually be published as a book.

  • Here is a YouTube playlist with the videos.

  • Here is a poster about the dancer and dances that will be on show on Thursday the 5th.

  • Here is a group photo taken at the workshop.

  • Here is some information on computers and connectivity at IMSc.

  • If you are coming to participate in the workshop, directions for getting to IMSc may be found here. If you are coming to IMSc for the first time, it may be a good idea to follow the above link to the page with directions for coming here from the airport or station, as may apply to you, and keep a print out of that page with you.