ATMW on Operator Algebras at IMSc


  • This wlelcome note may contain useful information for you.

  • The list of participants for the workshop may be found here. The paired names refer to pairing in rooms in the guest house.

    Here is some information on computers and connectivity at IMSc.

  • Here is the programme for the workshop.

  • Here is a link to videos of the lectures given at this workshop.

  • Here are the notes handed out by Partha for his lectures on C*-algebras.

  • Here are the notes handed out by Sunder for his lectures on von Neumann algebras.

  • Here are copies of the first, second and third papers on planar algebras handed out by Vijay for his lectures.

  • Here are the notes handed out by Sundar for his lectures on the K-theory of C*- algebras.

  • Here is a group photograph taken at the workshop.

  • If you are coming to participate in the workshop, directions for getting to IMSc may be found here. If you are coming to IMSc for the first time, it may be a good idea to follow the above link to the page with directions for coming here from the airport or station, as may apply to you, and keep a print out of that page with you.