The Annual IMSc School on Quantum Information will focus on the latest advancements in diverse areas of quantum information science. Each year the School will feature a set of courses of lectures by experts on currently unfolding areas of interest, accompanied by tutorial and discussion sessions.

This Inaugural Edition of the School will comprise the following courses:

Andreas Winter (Barcelona)         Problems in Quantum Shannon Theory

Pranab Sen (TIFR)               Problems in Quantum Shannon Theory

Graeme Smith (IBM)               Optical Quantum Communication

Eric Chitambar (SIU)               Entanglement and LOCC processing

Fernando Brandao (UCL)           One-shot Information Theory and
                              Applications to Condensed Matter Theory

The lectures will take place in the morning. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to tutorials, problem-solving and discussions.

The inaugural edition of the School is aimed at advanced graduate students and researchers in quantum information theory. The courses will be self-contained, but move on quickly to problems of current research in the field. It is anticipated that the tutorial and discussion sessions would constitute an exciting component of the School, facilitating closer interaction.


Those interested in participating in the School may send an email to, adding appropriate details which could help with the decision-making process during selection.
Graduate students are required to include their CV, and arrange for a letter of reference from their supervisor to be sent directly to the above email address.

The first list of selected participants has been uploaded. A second review of participation requests will be taken up on December 18, 2013 and the list updated soon thereafter.

Organizing Committee: