Operator Algebras Satellite Conference page Here is information on the Programme Committee and how the invited speakers were short-listed.

  • Programme Committee

  • List of Speakers

    And here is a very tentative

  • Conference Programme

    Please Register Here for the satellite conference. (You will also find accommodation-related information here. Please note that if you want us to help to arrange your accommodation, you *must* register and give the appropriate information for accommodation requirements no later than mid-April 2010.)

    In case you are interested, there will be a workshop on free probability during the two weeks preceding the Satellite Conference

  • Instructional workshop on Free Probability

    However, the above registration site is only for the satellite conference. If you want to come to the workshop, or if you have any enquiries, please send an e-mail to sunder@imsc.res.in.

    VISA MATTERS: People of almost any nationality other than Indian will need a visa to enter India.

    The administration in my institute informs me that:

    (i) they have been told that scientific visitors to the institute should not be encouraged to apply for tourist visas; (ii) usually, within about a month of our providing them with various passport and address details of our visitors, the pertinent ministry intimates our administration that the necessary clearance has been obtained; (iii) they will inform me when this happens, after which I will forward that mail along with a formal letter of invitation to the visitor, who should proceed to the nearest Indian consulate armed with these mails; and (iv) in extreme cases when this information has still not reached you when you are planning to leave your home-base, you may just apply for a tourist visa and come - but it is better to avoid this, if possible.