Special year in number theory at IMSc

Subject of number theory has been developing at a breathtaking pace. In order to increase awareness and activities in number theory in India and exposing the researchers to the major developments currently underway, we intend to celebrate 2011/12 as special year in number theory.

Our goal is to invite a number of distinguished number theorists both from abroad and India to come and give series of lectures. Ideally, the lectures will start with a rudimentary introduction, but steadily graduate to the sophisticated state-of-the-art. Further, we intend to arrange a few workshops and conferences in India and abroad which are centered around particular themes in number theory.

In a different vein, we hope to start publishing a series of monographs covering various advanced topics in number theory which will be both affordable and accessible to everyone. We also intend to pay tribute to the research contributions of Professor R. Balasubramanian on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Schedule of lectures for February-March, 2012, can be found here (updated)

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