CS PhD theses from IMSc Chennai
No. Candidate Thesis TitleWhen Defended Supervisor
47 Diptapriyo Majumdar Classic and approximate kernels for structural parameters of some covering problems Oct 2018 Venkatesh Raman
46 Sankardeep Chakraborty Space Efficient Graph Algorithms Mar 2018 Venkatesh Raman
45 Anup Basil Mathew Some Decidable Classes of the Distributed Synthesis Problem Dec 2017 R Ramanujam
44 Syed Mohammad Meesum Matrix Editing via Multivariate Lens Oct 2017 Saket Saurabh
43 Pranabendu Misra Parameterized Algorithms for some network design problems June 2017 Saket Saurabh
42 S. Raja On structure and lower bounds in restricted models of arithmetic computations April 2017 V Arvind
41 Sudeshna Kolay Parameterized Complexity for Graph Partitioning and Geometric Covering March 2017 Saket Saurabh
40 Ashutosh Rai Parameterized Algorithms for Graph Modification Problems Feb 2017 Saket Saurabh
39 Anil Shukla On Proof Complexity for Quantified Boolean Formulas Feb 2017 Meena Mahajan
38 Nitin Saurabh Analysis of Algebraic Complexity Classes and Boolean Functions Dec 2016 Meena Mahajan
37 Gaurav Rattan Some Geometrical and Vertex-Partitioning Techniques for Graph Isomorphism Dec 2016 V Arvind
36 Fahad Panolan Dynamic Programming using Representative Families Dec 2015 Saket Saurabh and Venkatesh Raman
35 Ramchandra B Phawade Labelled Free choice Petri nets, finite Product Automata and Expressions Jul 2015 Kamal Lodaya
34 Yadu Vasudev The complexity of some exact and approximate isomorphism problems Mar 2015 V Arvind
33 Karteek Sreenivasaiah On verifying proofs in constant depth, and polynomial identity testing Jan 2015 Meena Mahajan
32 Kunal Dutta On Certain Invariants of Random Digraphs and Uniform Hypergraphs Apr 2014 C R Subramanian
31 A V Sreejith Regular quantifiers in logics Dec 2013 Kamal Lodaya
30 M. S. Ramanujan Parameterized Graph Separation Problems: New Techniques and Algorithms Jul 2013 Saket Saurabh and Venkatesh Raman
29 S Sheerazuddin Automata and logic for systems with unboundedly many agents Jan 2013 R Ramanujam
28 Geevarghese Philip The Kernelization complexity of some domination and covering problems Mar 2012 Venkatesh Raman
27 Amaldev Manuel Counter automata and classical logics for data words Feb 2012 R Ramanujam
26 Neeldhara Misra Kernels for the F-Deletion Problem Jan 2012 Venkatesh Raman and Saket Saurabh
25 Soumya Paul A Computational study of strategy switching in large games Jan 2012 R Ramanujam
24 M Praveen Parameterized complexity of some problems in concurrency and verification Oct 2011 Kamal Lodaya
23 Pushkar Joglekar Randomized Algorithms in some Commutative and Noncommutative Domains Sep 2011 V Arvind
22 Aravind Natarajan Forbidden subgraph colorings, Oriented colorings and intersection dimensions of graphs Jun 2011 C R Subramanian
21 Srikanth Srinivasan New Directions in Arithmetic and Boolean Circuit Complexity Jan 2011 V Arvind
20 Prajakta Nimbhorkar Complexity Analysis of someProblems in Planar Graphs, Bounded Tree-Width Graphs, and Planar Point Sets Oct 2010 Meena Mahajan
19 Somnath Sikdar Parameterizing from the extremes: Feasible parameterizations of some NP-Optimization problems Jun 2010 Venkatesh Raman
18 B V Raghavendra Rao A Study of Width Bounded Arithmetic Circuits and the Complexity of Matroid Isomorphism Mar 2010 Meena Mahajan
17 Bireswar Das Some complexity theoretic aspects of graph isomorphism and related problems Feb 2010 V Arvind
16 Sunil Simon A Logical Study of Strategies in Games Jan 2010 R Ramanujam
15 Nutan Limaye Exploring LogCFL using language theory Dec 2009 Meena Mahajan
14 N Narayanan Acyclic, k-intersection edge colourings and oriented colouring Dec 2009 C R Subramanian
13 Partha Mukhopadhyay On Polynomial Identity Testing and Related Problems Sep 2009 V Arvind
12 Jayalal Sarma Complexity Theoretic aspects of Rank Rigidity and circuit evaluation Feb 2009 Meena Mahajan
11 Saket Saurabh Exact Algorithms for Optimization and parameterized versions of some graph theoretic problems Dec 2008 Venkatesh Raman
10 T C Vijayaraghavan Classifying certain algebraic problems using Logspace counting classes Nov 2008 V Arvind
9 Rahul Muthu Acyclic edge colouring: Bounds and algorithms Sep 2008 C R Subramanian
8 Piyush Kurur Complexity upper bounds using permutation group theory Dec 2006 V Arvind
7 B Meenakshi Reasoning about distributed message passing systems 2004 R Ramanujam
6 S P Suresh Foundations of Security Protocol Analysis 2003 R Ramanujam
5 S Srinivasa Rao Succinct data structures 2001 Venkatesh Raman
4 P Madhusudan Control and synthesis of open reactive systems 2001 R Ramanujam and P S Thiagarajan
3 S V Nagaraj Problems in Algorithmic Number theory 1999 Venkatesh Raman and R Balasubramanian
2 N V Vinodchandran Counting complexity and computational group theory 1998 V Arvind
1 Swarup Mohalik Models for concurrency: Local presentations for finite state distributed systems 1998 R Ramanujam