Workshop on Arithmetic Complexity

27 Feb - 3 March, 2017

Venue: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

This workshop is organised as part of the activities in the Thematic Year Complexity Theory and Cryptography of the National Mathematics Intitiative of the Govt. of India.

Invited Speakers
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The goal of this workshop is two-fold: to provide a forum for active researchers in the area to interact and collaborate, and to help young researchers (including beginning graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) get launched off in this area. The workshop includes talks covering various themes within the broad area of arithmetic complexity, including counting complexity, depth-reduction and structural properties of algebraic circuits, non-commutative computation, polynomial identity testing, and more.

Invited Speakers

Complete List of Participants

  1. Abhishek Shetty (IISc)
  2. Abhranil Chatterjee (IMSc)
  3. Aditi Dudeja (IMSc)
  4. Amit Kumar Sinhababu (IIT Kanpur)
  5. Anamay Tengse (TIFR)
  6. Anish Mukherjee (CMI)
  7. Anuj Tawari (IMSc)
  8. Anurag Pandey (Saarland Univ)
  9. Ashwin Jacob (IMSc)
  10. Ben Lee Volk (Tel Aviv)
  11. B V Raghavendra Rao (IIT Madras)
  12. Christian Engels (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
  13. C. Ramya (IIT Madras)
  14. Deeptanshu Singh (IIT Roorkee)
  15. Gaurav Sood (IMSc)
  16. Gorav Jindal (Saarland Univ)
  17. Guillaume Malod (Univ Paris-Diderot)
  18. Jayalal Sarma (IIT Madras)
  19. K. Dinesh (IIT Madras)
  20. Keerthan R (CMI)
  21. K V Subrahmanyam (CMI)
  22. Manas Agarwal (IIT Roorkee)
  23. Marilyn George (MSR India)
  1. Markus Blaeser (Saarland University)
  2. Meena Mahajan (IMSc)
  3. Neeraj Kayal (MSR India)
  4. Nitin Saxena (IIT Kanpur)
  5. Nutan Limaye (IIT Bombay)
  6. Partha Mukhopadhyay (CMI)
  7. Prerona Chatterjee (TIFR)
  8. Purnata Ghosal (IIT Madras)
  9. Rajit Datta (CMI)
  10. Ramit Das (IMSc)
  11. Ramprasad Saptharishi (TIFR)
  12. Sebastian Kuhnert (Humboldt Univ, Berlin)
  13. Shiv Dutt Sharma (IIT Gandhinagar)
  14. S. Raja (CMI)
  15. Srikanth Srinivasan (IIT Bombay)
  16. Sumanta Ghosh (IIT Kanpur)
  17. Suryajith Chillara (CMI)
  18. Tulasimohan Molli (TIFR)
  19. Uma Girish (CMI)
  20. V Arvind (IMSc)
  21. Vijay Patankar (JNU)
  22. Vineet Nair (IISc)
  23. Vipul Arora (CMI)

Scientific Organisers

Practical information

Duration: Workshop begins with lunch on Monday 27 Feb, and ends with lunch on Friday 3 March.
Venue for talks: Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall (Room 423)
Outstation participants who have requested accommodation will be put up in the Guest House / Hostel of IMSc.