Theoretical Computer Science Group at IMSc

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Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Associates

Research Scholars

Doctoral Dissertations

A complete list of all doctoral dissertations from the cs group at IMSc, with links to soft copies.

Former group members

Note: This list is permanently under construction and may not be fully accurate. Please let me know of any corrections - Meena.
Name Stint at IMSc Present affiliation Contact
Ramit Das Research Scholar, 2016-22
Praveen Chhikara JRF, 2022
Gaurav Sood Research Scholar, 2016-22 ISI Kolkata
V Arvind Faculty, 1993-2022 Honorary Faculty, IMSc
Director, 2015-2021
Ashwin Jacob Research Scholar, 2016-21
Manas Jyoti Kashyop Post-doctoral fellow, 2021
Sameera Muhamed Salam Post-doctoral fellow, 2021 CSIS, BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus
Arindam Biswas Research Scholar, 2016-21 TU Ilmenau, Germany
Ghurumuruhan Ganesan Post-doctoral fellow, 2018-21
Abhranil Chatterjee Research Scholar, 2016-21
Niranka Banerjee Research Scholar, 2015-21 Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences RIMS, Kyoto, Japan
R. Ramanujam Faculty, 1987-2021
Abhishek Sahu Research Scholar, 2015-21
Roohani Sharma Research Scholar, 2015-20 Post doc at MPII
Lawqueen Kanesh Research Scholar, 2015-20 IIT Jodhpur
Sanjukta Roy Research Scholar, 2015-20 Post doc at TU Vienna
Anupam Mondal Post-doctoral fellow, 2019-20
Jayakrishnan M Research Scholar, 2014-20 SRS, IIT Gandhinagar
Rian Neogi Research Scholar, 2018-20
Vibha Sahlot Post-doctoral fellow, 2018-20 Project Staff, ISI Kolkata
Prafullkumar Tale Research Scholar, 2013-20 Post-doctoral fellow, MPII Saarbrucken
Anantha Padmanabha Research Scholar, 2013-19 VALDA, ENS Ulm, Paris, France.
Purbita Jana Post-doctoral fellow, 2018-19
Pallavi Jain Post-doctoral fellow, 2017-19 IIT Jodhpur
Kamal Lodaya Faculty, 1988-2018
Arijit Ghosh Faculty, 2018 ISI Kolkata
Abhisekh Sankaran Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2017-18 Cambridge, UK
Swaroop N P Research Scholar, 2013-18 Senior Lead Engineer, Samsung Research, Bangalore
Anuj Tawari Research Scholar, 2012-18 DAIICT Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Diptapriyo Majumdar Research Scholar, 2013-18 IIIT Delhi
R Krithika post-doctoral fellow, 2016-18 IIT Palakkad
Ramanathan T S Research Scholar, 2012-2018 post-doc, MPI-SWS
V V P R V B Suresh Dara post-doctoral fellow, 2017
Sankar Deep Chakraborty Research Scholar, 2011-2017 post-doctoral fellow, National Institute of Informatics, Japan.
Syed Meesum Research Scholar, 2011-2017 SIAS, Krea University
Anup Basil Mathew Research Scholar, 2010-2017 BITS Goa
Aditi Dudeja Research Scholar, 2015-2017 Research Scholar, Rutgers University
Joydeep Mukherjee Research Scholar, 2010-2016 CS Dept, RKMVERI
Sayan Bhattacharya Faculty, 2014-2017 Univ Warwick, UK
Pranabendu Misra Research Scholar, 2012-2017 CMI
Ragukumar Pandurangan Post-doctoral Fellow, 2015-2016
Sudeshna Kolay Research Scholar, 2011-2016 IIT Kharagpur
Gaurav Rattan Research Scholar, 2010-2016 post-doctoral fellow, Univ of Aachen
Anil Shukla Research Scholar, 2011-2016 CSE, IIT Ropar
Divyarthi M Research Scholar, 2014-2016 Research Scholar, Princeton University
S Raja Research Scholar, 2010-2016 CSE, IIT Tirupati
Ashutosh Rai Research Scholar, 2010-2016 IIT Delhi
Nitin Saurabh Research Scholar, 2010-2016 IIT Hyderabad.
Pradeesha Ashok Post-doctoral fellow, 2014-2016 IIIT Bangalore
T Srinivasa Murthy Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-16
Fahad Panolan Research Scholar, 2010-2015 CSE, IIT Hyderabad
Qamar Ali Bohara Research Scholar, 2014
Ramchandra Phawade Research Scholar, 2007-2014 CSE, IIT Dharwad
Neha Lodha Research Scholar, 2012-2014 Vienna Univ of Technology, Austria
Soma Dutta Post-doctoral fellow, 2012-2014 Univ of Warsaw
T Kavaskar Post-doctoral fellow, 2014 SRM Univsersity
Karteek Sreenivasaiah Research Scholar, 2008-2014 CSE, IIT Hyderabad
Yadu Vasudev Research Scholar, 2008-2014 CSE, IIT Madras.
V Raman Research Scholar, 2011-2014
A Baskar Post-doctoral fellow, 2012-13 BITS Goa
Bal Sri Shankar Research Scholar, 2008-13
M S Ramanujan Research Scholar, 2009-2013 Univ Warwick, UK
Mathew Francis Post-doctoral fellow, 2012-13 ISI Chennai
A. V. Sreejith Research Scholar, 2007-2013 CSE, IIT Goa
Manu Basavaraju Post-doctoral fellow, 2012-13 NIT, Surathkal
Lavanya Sivakumar Post-doctoral fellow, 2012 Math Sciences, IIT BHU
Kunal Dutta Research scholar, 2007-2012 Faculty, Univ of Warsaw, Poland
Neeldhara Misra Research scholar, 2007-2012 CSE, IIT Gandhinagar
Shambwaditya Saha Research scholar, 2011-2012 Research scholar at Univ Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
M. Praveen Research scholar, 2006-2011 Chennai Mathematical Institute
Amaldev Manuel Research scholar, 2005-2011 CSE, IIT Goa
Geevarghese Philip Research scholar, 2006-2011 Chennai Mathematical Institute
Soumya Paul Research scholar, 2005-2011 Research associate, Univ of Luxembourg
T Karthick Post-doctoral fellow, 2009-2011 ISI Chennai
Md. Aquil Khan Post-doctoral fellow, 2010-2011 Math, IIT Indore
Aravind Natarajan Research Scholar, 2004-10 CSE, IIT Hyderabad
Aiswarya Cyriac Research Scholar, 2008-2010 Chennai Mathematical Institute
H. Ramesh Post-doctoral Fellow, 2010 Math dept, IIT Guwahati
Pushkar S. Joglekar Research Scholar, 2004-2010 VIT Pune
Srikanth Srinivasan Research Scholar, 2005-2010 Math, IIT Bombay
S. Sheerazuddin Research Scholar, 2003-2010 NIT, Calicut
Prajakta Nimbhorkar Research Scholar, 2007-2010 Chennai Mathematical Institute
Bireswar Das Research Scholar, 2003-2009 CSE, IIT Gandhinagar
Santanu Das Research Scholar, 2009 IUCAA Pune
Raghavendra Rao B V Research Scholar, 2004-2009 CSE, IIT Madras
Somnath Sikdar Research Scholar, 2003-2009 post-doctoral fellow, RWTH, Aachen
Sunil Simon Research Scholar, 2003-2009 CSE, IIT Kanpur
Nutan Limaye Research Scholar, 2003-2009 CSE, IIT Bombay
Partha Mukhopadhyay Research Scholar, 2005-2009 Chennai Mathematical Institute
N. Narayanan Research Scholar, 2003-2008 Math, IIT Madras
Jayalal Sarma M. N. Research Scholar, 2002-2008 CSE, IIT Madras
Rahul Muthu Research Scholar, 2001-2008 DAIICT Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Kaushik Majumdar Post-doctoral Fellow, 2005-2007 ISI Bangalore
T C Vijayaraghavan Research Scholar, 2001-2007
Antoine Meyer Post-doctoral Fellow, 2005-2006 Marne La-Vallee
Saket Saurabh Research Scholar, 2004-2007 IMSc!
Sasthi Charan Ghosh Post-doctoral Fellow, 2005 ISI Kolkata
Piyush. P. Kurur Research Scholar, 2000-2006 CSE, IIT Palakkad
Akshay Sundararaman Research Scholar, 2004-2005 CSE, IIT Bombay
S. Vijayakumar Post-doctoral Fellow, 2003-2005 IIIT D & M Kancheepuram ,
Vasumathi K. Narayanan Post-doctoral Fellow, 2003-2004 St. Joseph's College of Engineering, Chennai vmathi02 AT yahoo DOT co DOT in
S.P. Suresh Research Scholar, 1997-2003 Chennai Mathematical Institute
B. Meenakshi Research Scholar, 1997-2003 IIIT Bangalore
Sounaka Mishra Post-doctoral fellow, 2001-02 Math, IIT Madras
S. Srinivasa Rao Research Scholar, 1995-2001 NTNU, Norway
P. Madhusudan Research Scholar, 1994-2000 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Anil Seth Faculty, 1994-1999 CSE, IIT Kanpur
Suman Roy Post-doctoral Fellow, 1999 Infosys, Bangalore
V. Kamakoti Post-doctoral Fellow, 1997-99 CSE, IIT Madras
N. V. Vinodchandran Research Scholar, 1993-99 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
S. V. Nagaraj Research Scholar, 1992-98 RMK Engineering College, Chennai
Swarup Kumar Mohalik Research Scholar, 1992-97 Ericsson Research, Bangalore
G. Srinivasa Raghavan Post-doctoral Fellow, 1993-94 IIIT Bangalore
Gopal Pandurangan Research Scholar, 1994 University of Houston
V. Vinay Faculty, 1993 Limberlink, Bangalore ainvvy at gmail dot com
Jyotishman Chatterjee Research Scholar, 1992-93 Skytech Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata jyotishmanc AT skytechsolutions DOT co DOT in
Amitava Datta Post-doctoral Fellow, 1992 The University of Western Australia, Perth
Madhavan Mukund Research Scholar, 1987-89 Chennai Mathematical Institute
P. S. Thiagarajan Faculty, 1986-89 Harvard, USA

Note: This list is permanently under construction and may not be fully accurate. Please let me know of any corrections - Meena.