Indian Lattice Gauge Theory Initiative(ILGTI)

The lattice community in India is very small and consists (only faculty members are listed here) of:

1.  Ramesh Anishetty(IMSc)
2.  N.D. Hari Dass(IMSc)
3.  H.S. Sharatchandra(IMSc)
4.  Sourendu Gupta(TIFR)
5.  Rajiv Gavai(TIFR)
6.  Asit De(SINP)
7.  P. Mitra(SINP)
8.  Harindranath(SINP)
9.  Apoorva Patel(CTS)
10. Manu Mathur(SNBOSE)
11. Sachi Naik(HRI)

Though this community is small it is very active and well recognised. It organised the International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory at Bangalore in 2000.

Due to lack of requisite computational hardware the community's research activities were restricted to purely analytical work and  small scale simulations except as part of international collaborations.

During the Bangalore meeting the Indian lattice community decided to change this situation by aiming to create world class computational infrastructure in India for Lattice Gauge Theory research. It was proposed that independent hardware would be created at IMSc, TIFR and SINP to be used for collaborative as well as in-house research. It was also proposed that each
of these centres make suitable proposals under their Xth Plan activities.

As per these plans IMSc was to develop a large Linux cluster. The initial target was 128 nodes
of Dual Xeons but towards the end it was found possible to extend this to 144 nodes at no additional cost.

The entire initiative was named the INDIAN LATTICE GAUGE THEORY INITIATIVE(ILGTI)