Instructions: Print as many copies of this form as you need. Complete the upper portion of this form for each reference report that is required [see application requirements]. Have each reference complete the bottom portion and return it to the Graduate School before the deadline.

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Reference Report on Applicant: International Applicants

Applicant: Please complete upper portion.
Application Number: 990-00-6376
Name: Subadhra Jagannathan
List other name(s) that may appear on transcripts or academic records: ____________________________________________ [ ] International
[ ] Readmission
[ ] Off-campus
[ ] On-campus
Curriculum Name: ___________________________________ [see curriculum list]
Curriculum Abbreviation: ______
Area(s) or concentration: ___________________________________
Degree Desired: [ ] Master's
[ ] Doctoral
[ ] Non-degree
[ ] Commonwealth-campus
[ ] Undergraduate-dual
[ ] Undergraduate BS/MS
[ ] Undergraduate-combined
[ ] Professional certification (education only)
Term When Studies Will Begin: [ ] Fall
[ ] Spring
[ ] Summer-I
[ ] Summer-II
Year: ________

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, a student enrolled at Virginia Tech has access to his or her education records. We comply with this law, while still allowing the student the option of waiving the right to access. If you wish to waive the right to examine this Reference Report, please sign here:
Applicant's Signature

If left unsigned, you will have access to these documents upon enrollment at Virginia Tech. The alternative you choose will not affect our consideration of your application in any way.

Reference: Please complete lower portion.

  1. Please give your opinion of the applicant's general all-around academic ability and promise for research. Please cite examples. If possible, please compare this applicant with others who have attended or are now applying for admission to Virginia Tech (continue on the back as necessary).
  2. How do you rate the applicant in overall ability and promise in comparison with others at the same level or training?

  3. If available, please give the applicant's relative standing in your department
    (e.g., 7th in 89, or % scale): ________________

Reference's Name: _________________________________
Title: _________________________________
School or company: _________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City, State, Country,
Zip/Postal Code:
_________________________________ ____________

Reference's Signature


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