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                           &nbs p;            Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man


                           &nbs p;           Human genes atlas


                           &nbs p;            Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals 

                          MGI                           &n bsp;                            

                           &nbs p;           Mouse Genome Informatics (includes MGD)

                        Ensembl Mouse genome browser TIGR MGI 

                           &nbs p;           TIGR Mouse Gene Index

                         Mm UniGene

                           &nbs p;           Mouse transcripts in GenBank (EST clusters)


                           &nbs p;            Mammalian Gene Collection

                      Mouse gene knockouts database

                      Mouse chromosome 16 at Celera RGD

                           &nbs p;             Rat genome database


                           &nbs p;            Rat genome database

                       TIGR RGI

                           &nbs p;             TIGR Rat Gene Index

                       Rn Unigene 

                           &nbs p;             Rat transcripts in GenBank (EST clusters)


                           &nbs p;             Bovine genome database (in UK)


                           &nbs p;             Bovine genome database (in France)


                           &nbs p;             Cat genome database


                          &n bsp;              Horse genome database


                           &nbs p;             Dog Genome Project


                           &nbs p;             Pig genome database


                           &nbs p;             Sheep genome database (also known as SheepMap)


                           &nbs p;              Mendelian Inheritance in Sheep


                           &nbs p;              Chicken genome database (ChickBase)

                       Turkey mapping db FishBase 

                           &nbs p;              Global information system on fishes

                      Fugu genome project Fugu 

                           &nbs p;              HGMP Resource Centre Fugu Project (Fugu rubripes)


                        Ensembl Fugu genome browser Medakafish 

                           &nbs p;              Mekada fish (Oryzias latipes) server

                       Ark-Tilapia  Tilapia mossambica genome database

                        The fish net - Zebrafish server                                        

                       Ensembl Zebrafish genome browser



                                      Drosophila genetic and molecular database


                                      Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project


                                     Drosophila image database


                                     Gene Interactions in the Fly Trans-World Server


                                    Database of molecular interactions in Drosophila melanogaster


                                   Human Disease to Drosophila gene datab ase

                      Mosquito Genomics


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