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 3D - PROTEIN (Stucture) DATABASES      

Sequences of domains of known structure, selected subsets, and sequence-structure correspondences

Searchable database of multidimensional biological images
NMR spectroscopic data from proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids 

Conformation angles of protein structures, with associated crystallographic data

Protein domain structures
CE: A Resource to Compute and Review 3-D Protein Structure Alignments 

Structurally-similar proteins with dissimilar sequences

Crystal structure information for organic and metal organic compounds.

Descriptions of protein and macromolecular motions, including movies
Computer-generated protein conformations based on sequence data
Native and modeled disulfide bonds in proteins
Database of Simulated Molecular Motions

Protein fold predictions from genome sequences
Structures of small molecules (≥hetero-compounds≤)
Structural families and alignments; structurarlly-conserved regions and domain architecture 

Visualization and analysis of three-dimensional biopolymer structures
Integrated sequence and structural information
Library of protein family core structures
All experimentally-determined three-dimensional structures, linked to NCBI Entrez

Annotated comparative protein structure models
Nucleic acid-containing structures

Thermodynamic data for nucleic acids 

Phylogeny and alignment of homologous protein structures

Structural motifs of protein superfamilies
Structure data determined by X-ray crystallography and NMR

Representative protein chains, based on PDB entries
Summary of key information on structures in PDB

Protein structures with experimental and predictive annotations

Thermodynamic data for wild-type and mutant proteins


Protein structure modifications


RNA-containing structures from PDB and NDB

Familial and structural protein relationships

RNA structural relationships
Classification of protein loops
Assignments of proteins to structural superfamilies

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