Analytic number theory is one of the classical and ever expanding areas of mathematics. It developed around classical questions such as Riemann Hypothesis, Twin Prime conjecture and Goldbach conjecture to name a few. Understanding the distribution of prime numbers has always been central to this theory and after the recent progress made by Goldston-Pintz-Yildirim, we are closer to Twin Prime conjecture than ever before. In the last ten years, there has been significant developments in Sieve Methods, Circle method leading to remarkable application in a wide range of problems from counting integer points on varieties to determining prime values of polynomials.

The present decade witnessed enormous development in the field of additive combinatorics which includes the famous recent theorem of Green and Tao proving that there are arithmetic progressions of arbitrary length in primes. In the last two years combinatorial number theory has become one of the fastest developing areas of mathematics attracting a large number of young researcher.

Both these active areas compliment each other in developing our understanding of number theoritc questions. A very significant portion of todays number theory combines ideas and technics of these two fields. This conference aims to bring together experts and young researchers in India and abroad from these two areas and to provide a common platform for new ideas to breed.