Academic Trajectory

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
      - IFW Dresden, 2011-2014
        Advisor: Prof. Jeroen van den Brink
  • Ph. D.
      - University of Toronto, 2006-2011
        Advisor: Prof. Arun Paramekanti
  • Undergraduate education, BITS Pilani

    Research Interests

  • Quantum magnetism
  • Superconductivity
  • Cavity-QED systems
  • Topological phases in condensed matter systems
  • Collective excitations and quantum criticality

  • Selected Publications

  • Excitonic collective modes in Weyl semi-metals
    N. S. Srivatsa and R. Ganesh, Physical Review B 98, 165133 (2018)
  • Quantum spin quadrumer
    Subhankar Khatua, R. Shankar, and R. Ganesh, Physical Review B 97, 054403 (2018)
  • Resonating valence bonds and spinon pairing in the Dicke model
    R. Ganesh, L. Theerthagiri, and G. Baskaran, SciPost Phys. 4, 044 (2018)
  • Vortex-core order and field-driven supersolidity
    Madhuparna Karmakar, Gautam I. Menon, and R. Ganesh, Physical Review B 96, 174501 (2017)
  • Impurity-induced current in a Chern insulator
    Vibhuti Bhushan Jha, Garima Rani, and R. Ganesh, Physical Review B 95, 115434 (2017)
  • Hall Effect of Triplons in a Dimerized Quantum Magnet
    Judit Romhányi, Karlo Penc, and R. Ganesh, Nature Communications 6, 6805 (2015), arXiv version here
  • Theoretical Prediction of a Time-Reversal Broken Chiral Superconducting Phase Driven by Electronic Correlations in a Single TiSe2 Layer
    R. Ganesh, G. Baskaran, Jeroen van den Brink, and Dmitry V. Efremov, Physical Review Letters 113, 177001 (2014)
  • Deconfined Criticality in the Frustrated Heisenberg Honeycomb Antiferromagnet
    R. Ganesh, S. Nishimoto, and Jeroen van den Brink, Physical Review Letters 110, 127203 (2013)
  • Higgs mode in a superfluid of Dirac fermions
    S. Tsuchiya, R. Ganesh, and T. Nikuni, Physical Review B 88, 014527 (2013)

    Group Members

  • Postdoctoral researchers and visitors
  •   - Madhuparna Karmakar, Shashikant Singh Kunwar
  • Graduate students
  •   - Subhankar Khatua, 2016 -
      - B. A. Bhargava, 2018 -
  • Master's students
  •   - L. Theerthagiri, P. Sathish Kumar
  • Undergraduate students
  •   - Vibhuti Bhushan Jha, V. Saran, Shashank Anand


  • Quantum Field Theory I: Many Body Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics I

  • School and conference on Frustrated Magnetism

    Apr 3-9, 2017 (School)
    Apr 10-12, 2017 (Conference)
    Details: here

    School and conference on Quantum Disordered Systems

    Feb 24-29, 2016 (School)
    Mar 1-3, 2016 (Conference)
    Details: here


    Email: ganesh at imsc dot res dot in
    Mailing address: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
    IV Cross Road, CIT Campus, Taramani,
    Chennai 600113 INDIA