20 July 2023Venue: Ramanujan Auditorium, IMSc Chennai
09:00-09:35Sitabhra Sinha (IMSc Chennai)
Uncovering the hierarchical structural organization of brains from empirical connectome data
09:35-10:10Swagatika Sahoo (Vantage Research)
Application Of The Human Metabolic Network In Disease Research
10:10-10:45Janani R (Novo Nordisk)
Network science perspective on a chemical space harmful to humankind
10:45-11:15Tea / Coffee Break
11:15-11:50Nirav Bhatt (IIT Madras)
Large Language Models for Network Biology: Opportunities and Challenges
11:50-12:25Ajay Subbaroyan (IMSc Chennai)
Elucidating and leveraging design principles towards realistic reconstruction of Boolean models of gene regulatory networks
12:25-12:50Meiyappan Lakshmanan (IIT Madras)
Addressing the flux prediction uncertainties in flux balance analysis
12:50-14:00Poster Session & Lunch
14:00-14:35Sandeep Choubey (IMSc Chennai)
Multicomponent rendezvous of cofilin, profilin, and twinfilin at the actin filament barbed end
14:35-15:10Tarun Kumar (Hewlett-Packard Labs)
MultiCens: Multilayer network centrality measures to uncover molecular mediators of tissue-tissue communication
15:10-15:45Poster Session & Tea / Coffee Break
15:45-16:20Karthik Raman (IIT Madras)
Learning on, using and from networks in biology
16:20-16:55Anshu Bhardwaj (IMTech)
Understanding and Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance through data driven approaches
16:55-17:00Concluding Remarks
17:00-19:00Poster Session & High Tea


Poster presentation

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You may present a poster on your research in the broad area of computational biology (i.e., not restricted to network biology).
Organizers will give priority to participation requests with poster submission.
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The organizers gratefully acknowledge funding from Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, to organize this meeting.