19 February 2024Venue: Ramanujan Auditorium, IMSc Chennai
0930-1025Registration / Poster Session
1025-1030Opening Remarks
1030-1105Rahul Siddharthan
Modelling fetal growth and predicting birth outcomes
1105-1125Shakti Menon
Contact-mediated interactions can enhance boundary precision during developmental tissue patterning
1125-1150Coffee & Poster session
1150-1225Karthik Raman
Algorithmic Adventures in Microbial Ecosystems: Disentangling Complexities with Metabolic Modelling
1225-1300Sherry Bhalla
Multi-omics integration to identify distinct genetic and clinically relevant subgroups in Multiple Myeloma Patients
1300-1400Lunch / Poster session
1400-1435Anshuman Dixit
Identification of targeted leads for Oral cancer using computational biology techniques
1435-1510Sreenivas Chavali
Design principles underlying functionality of proteins with amino acid repeats
1510-1545Coffee & Poster session
1545-1605Srijith S
Beyond solo acts: Temporal omics reveal how SNPs collectively shape a complex trait
1605-1640Meiyappan Lakshmanan
Systematic assessment of probiotic potentials through a computational approach
1640-1715Sudip Kundu
Unraveling plant leaf metabolism
1715-1845High Tea & Poster Session
1845-1905Nikhil Chivukula
Beyond observations, Towards solutions: Computational Biology as a key to unravelling environmental health impacts
1905-1940Sanjay Jain
Understanding balanced growth and exponential trajectories of bacterial cells
1940-2100Conference Dinner
20 February 2024Venue: Ramanujan Auditorium, IMSc Chennai
0900-0945Coffee & Poster session
0945-1020Manikandan Narayanan
A method to discover non-linear causal relations among genes
1020-1055Zhumur Ghosh
Predictive Approaches involving Coding and the Noncoding World: Shaping modern day therapeutics
1055-1115Pavan Kumar S
SprintGapFiller: Efficient Gap-Filling Algorithm for Large-Scale Metabolic Networks
1115-1145Coffee & Poster session
1145-1220Dinesh Gupta
Machine learning aided discovery of potential biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis
1220-1240Ajaya Kumar Sahoo
From Bench to Bytes: Prediction of Bacterial Type 9 Secretion System and Associated Functionalities
1240-1315Bratati Kahali
Genetic architecture of human cognition in diverse populations: lessons for dementia
1315-1415Lunch / Poster session
1415-1450Ashutosh Srivastava
Molecular insights into mammalian circadian regulation
1450-1525Sandeep Choubey
Deciphering the role of DNA sequence on protein-DNA co-condensation
1525-1545Coffee & Poster session
1545-1620Pankaj Yadav
Gene-Environment Interactions in Complex Diseases
1620-1655Sriram Chandrasekaran
Drug discovery using Systems biology and AI
1655-1700Closing Remarks


Student Volunteers


The organisers gratefully acknowledge funding from Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India via Apex project to The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc).



There is no registration fee to attend this meeting. However, the meeting is only open to selected participants. If you wish to participate in the meeting, you may submit your request using the application form.

Due to space constraints, it may not be possible to accommodate all applicants, in which case the organisers may have to shortlist among applications received until the registration deadline. Moreover, the organisers are not in a position to provide accommodation or travel support to the selected participants to attend this meeting.

Registration deadline: 15 February 2024.
In case you have any queries please contact aslab.conferences@gmail.com

Poster presentation

If you wish to present a poster at this meeting, kindly submit your abstract for consideration along with the request for participation. Organisers will give priority to participation requests with poster submission.

Abstract submission deadline for poster presentation is 15 February 2024.

List of selected participants can be viewed here.

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