Amritanshu Prasad

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
CIT Campus Taramani
Chennai 600113
Phone: +91-44-22543207 Fax: +91-44-22541586
e-mail: amri [at]

Mathematical Interests:

Combinatorics, Representation Theory, Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory.

Selected Recent Work:

  1. Schur algebras for the alternating group and Koszul duality, with T. Geetha and S. Srivastava.
  2. Macdonald trees and determinants of representations for finite Coxeter groups, with A. Ayyer and S. Spallone.
  3. Tableau Correspondences and Representation Theory, with D. Paul and A. Sadhukhan.
  4. A Timed Version of the Plactic Monoid.
  5. An Introduction to Schur Polynomials (expository notes from the NCM school on Schubert varieties).
  6. Representation Theory: A Combinatorial Viewpoint, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, vol. 147, Cambridge Univesity Press, Delhi, 2015.