Geometry of Linear Diophantine equations

Show simple item record Kamalakshya Mahatab 2012-07-17T05:53:37Z 2012-07-17T05:53:37Z 2012-07-17T05:53:37Z 2012
dc.description.abstract The non-negative solutions of linear homogeneous Diophantine equations are studied using the geometric theory of convex polytopes. After a brief introduction to the theory of convex polytopes and its relation to solutions of linear homogeneous Diophantine equations, a theorem of Stanley, Bruggesser and Mani on the decomposition of the monoid of solutions is discussed in detail. An application of this theorem, due to Stanley, to prove a conjecture of Anand, Dumir and Gupta is explained. en_US
dc.subject Diophantine Equations en_US
dc.subject Geometry of Solutions en_US
dc.subject HBNI MSc 8 en_US
dc.title Geometry of Linear Diophantine equations en_US M.Sc en_US
dc.type.institution HBNI en_US
dc.description.advisor Amritanshu Prasad
dc.description.pages 58p. en_US
dc.type.mainsub Mathematics en_US

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