Essays on Scientific Topics II [MatSciRep: 86]

Show simple item record Alladi Ramakrishnan 2012-05-30T10:57:40Z 2012-05-30T10:57:40Z 2012-05-30T10:57:40Z 1977
dc.description.abstract This report contains a Collection of lectures on scientific topics given over the ALL INDIA RADIO and in other places, during the years from 1973 to 1977. en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents CONTENTS: 1. EINSTEIN'S Contribution to Human Thought (5th October 1976) 2. Unnoticed symmetries of Einstein's Relativity theory (1976) **3. My association with with PAUL ERDOS* (13th August 1976) *4. Research in Mathematical Sciences in India (9th August 1976) 5. Careers in Mathematical Sciences (9th February 1976) *6. Indian Contribution to Mathematical Sciences during the past twenty five years (8th January 1975) *7. MATSCIENCE - A Haven of FREEDOM (23rd August 1974) *8. PROFESSOR P.M.S.BLACKETT (19th July 1974) *9. SATYENDRANATHBOSE - A TRIBUTE (15th February 1974) 10. Teaching and Research in Mathematics (1974) *11. THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY (4th September 1973) 12. On the Evolution of Physical Theories (28th December 1973) 13. Fundamental SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(28th June 1965) 14. Present Status of Theoretical Physics in INDIA (1962) *15. SCIENCE REVIEW (23rd June 1961) 16. Theoretical Physics in the United States of America (1958) **Ta1k given by Krishnaswami A11adi at the All India Radio * . These topics given as talks over All India Radio, Madras, are reproduced here under permission of Station Director, All India Radio, Madras. en_US
dc.subject Matscience Report 86 en_US
dc.title Essays on Scientific Topics II [MatSciRep: 86] en_US
dc.type.institution Institute of Mathematical Sciences en_US
dc.description.pages 91p. en_US
dc.type.mainsub Mathematics en_US

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