Proceedings of the conference on Mathematics in Medicine and Biology: Bangalore, Feb.21 - 23, 1974 [MatSciRep: 85]

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dc.description.abstract Twenty seven participants, professors in pure sciences, and medicine, and research workers and students from various teaching and research institutions actively discussed, the application of sophisticated mathematical techniques to biological and clinical problems, with a view to evolve new methods of diagnosis and therapy. Mathematics played a key role in the physical sciences till now. In life sciences which deal with more complex systems, mathematical and quantitatively precise analysis is finding greater validity and importance during the recent years. When sufficient sophistication in the mathematical description of the biological systems and their functions is attained, the analysis of the life systems, Can move forward under the force of the mathematical reasoning itself and yield concepts and modes of thought unavailable to the life scientist till now. More than 30 researchers presented their themes in different fields during the three days from 21st to 23rd February 1974. Brilliant exposition of the subject of electroencephalography by practicing neurosurgeons, talks about miracle drugs like prostaglandins from biochemists, theoretical approaches to protein conformation, protein synthesis, photochemistry, membrane transport, engineering approaches to biomedical problems etc. and even talks on operations research approach to health delivery systems were presented. These reflected the vast applicability and the rich awards that await these interdisciplinary approaches to these complex and vital problems. en_US
dc.subject Mathematics en_US
dc.subject Medicine en_US
dc.subject Biology en_US
dc.subject Matscience Report 85 en_US
dc.title Proceedings of the conference on Mathematics in Medicine and Biology: Bangalore, Feb.21 - 23, 1974 [MatSciRep: 85] en_US
dc.type.institution Institute of Mathematical Sciences en_US
dc.description.pages 227p. en_US
dc.type.mainsub Mathematics en_US

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