Physics Summer Research Programme

The Institute has a limited programme for highly motivated bachelor's and master's students interested in doing theoretical work in Physics to visit the Institute. This is typically for any 6 weeks in the 2 months during the summer (May-July).

  • This is a limited programme, depending on the availability of infrastructure facilities and faculty guides.
  • We typically select about 10-15 students.
  • This is ONLY a summer research programme; those interested in joining IMSc as doctoral students should see the Doctoral student selection page.)

Academic Requirements

  • Students currently studying in their pre-final or final year of BSc/BE/BTech or first year MSc/ME/MTech or equivalent with a good academic record are encouraged to apply.
  • Our interests are varied, and applicants should check the Theoretical Physics page for more details on our physics interests.

This year, we invite applications from highly motivated students interested in the following areas of research in the Institute's Summer Research Programme in Physics:

Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Mechanics including complex systems, disordered systems, high Tc superconductivity, nonequilibrium processes, superfluidity and physics of biological membranes,

High Energy Physics including perturbative QCD, CP violation and B physics, neutrino physics, nonperturbative QCD, lattice gauge theory, quark gluon plasma, astroparticle physics, quantum field theory, topological QFT, conformal field theory, lattice gauge theory, quantum field theory, string theory, classical and quantum gravity, black holes, cosmology, foundations of quantum theory,

Mathematical Physics including group theory and quantum computation,

Non-linear Dynamics including solitons and chaos,

Optics including classical and quantum optics, beam physics, and quantum information theory.

Details of the Summer Programme

  • Selected students will be paid 2nd class round trip train fare plus Rs. 200 per diem.
  • Accommodation will be provided in the Hostel during summer, subject to availability.
  • As accommodation is limited, it may not be provided for local students.
  • Selected students will have an opportunity to pursue research-level studies in areas of interest at the Institute as mentioned above.

To apply: Fill in the online application form.  The last date for submitting appilcations for Summer Student programme in Physics is 28th February, 2018.

For queries: Write to sumphys [AT] imsc [dot] res[dot] in


Application: Mid February (every year).

Notification: Selected students will be informed two weeks after the deadline, i.e., by March 15th. The information will appear on this webpage.