Resources for Porjects

Summer School Student Workshop 2018

Project Presentations:

Venue: Ramanujan Auditorium, IMSc
Date: 17th May 2018
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

What do I present?

Tell us what you wanted to do. Tell us what you did. Bring demos and/or pictures of your experiment/problem/set up.

presentation time: 10 mins
questions/suggestions: 5 mins

How do I choose a project?

Try to extend some of the activities you have done -- talk to your instructors for more ideas.

Science Buddies is a website you can use to find a project.

Where can I find out how to make something?

Talk to some of your instructors -- they may have ideas (or can direct you to someone who will).

Instructables is a great website to figure out how to do things.
For example, here's instructions on how to make a motor:


There are many many things you can look at with your Foldscope.

Browse the Foldscope Microcosmos website for ideas.
Here are some pictures from this weeks sessions.
(You can sign up with your foldscope ID and upload a post with #IMScSSSW2018)

For more instructions on how to connect a phone camera to your Foldscope see:

Some other ideas:

Double pendulum:

Paper rocket:

Sandpile model

Circadian rhythm

My project didn't work, should I present?


Science most often does NOT work. We want to hear what you tried. And maybe we can all figure out together why it didn't work...

Other resrouces

You can find many helpful science explanation videos at the Khan Academy

Information about elemets and the periodic table:
For more resources and to contact resource people, email: