Annular Solar Eclipse: 21 June 2020

An Annular Solar Eclipse (ASE) will be visible on the morning of 21 June 2020 in India, with the annular track passing through Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand.

Solar eclipses are of huge public interest and prodive an exceptional opportunity to promote science and scientific temper among the people, as well as challenge the myths surrounding the topic. The mass campaigns during past solar eclipses in India are unique in their range and reach.

Given the current global CoViD-19 pandemic, we recommend that you watch the solar eclipse while following the usual physical distancing precautions.


Click for a digital solar eclipse poster:

Eclipse Poster -- Hindi Eclipse Poster -- English Eclipse Poster -- Tamil Eclipse Poster -- Tamil Eclipse Poster -- Urdu Eclipse Poster -- Kannada Eclipse Poster -- Malayalam Eclipse Poster -- Punjabi

Solar Eclipse App (Alok Mandavgane, ASI-POEC)

Path and time of Annularity in India (ASI-POEC)

Detailed info on eclipses and precautions while watching (African Astronomical Society)

Solar Eclipse Mannual (N. D. Hari Dass and Kamal Lodaya)

Links to upcoming and past outreach events (including videos, slides and notes) may be found here.

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