Our Certificates

1 Where
You can find the certificate of the Certifying Authority of the IMSc Computer Centre here.

2 What it is not
This is not the certificate of the Certifying Authority of IMSc.

3 Authenticity
Since the certificate is self-signed and you are obtaining it from this Web site you may have some justifiable questions about how you can verify its authenticity independently.

However, once you accept this certificate you can be sure when you visit our site again that it is indeed the same as the site that you are visiting now.

Secondly, all our other server certificates are signed with this key so once you install this certificate and accept signatures made by the corresponding key you can be sure that the same authority has control of these servers.

4 Usage
You can install this certificate wherever you normally install CA certificates.

In applications like Firefox this is automated by clicking on the link above.

For the benefit of other applications you can download the certificate by saving the link to a local file.

In Thunderbird you can open the Edit/Preferences/Security dialog box and go to the tab marked Certifiying Authorities (CA). There you can import the file.

For Mutt you can just add this certificate to the file .mutt_certificates in your home directory.

These are the applications that we know of at the moment.

5 Non-SSL Applications
The keys for Secure Shell (ssh) are currently not managed thorugh the same mechanism. However you can find here the Host keys for access.imsc.res.in.

Download the above signed file and append it to the known_hosts file in your ssh directory.

6 Comments/Questions/Suggestions
We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions regarding secure access to the IMSc Computer network.