NEW SCHEDULE : IMSc JRF Mathematics Selection Interviews Schedule 2020 for NBHM Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4

Instructions to be followed before the interview:
1. The interviews will be conducted online using the video-conferencing tool Google Meet. A link of a web form to be filled by you regarding this interview is sent in the  e-mail address provided by you. If you have not received an e-mail from us containing the link please write to us immediately at the e-mail address : mathjrfadmission [at] imsc (dot) res (dot) in  .  You may also write to us at this email address for any genuine concerns.
2. You need a laptop or a smart phone, an internet connection and a google account in order to attend the online interview using Google Meet. Please create a Google account if you do not have one.
3. If you plan to use a laptop or a desktop for the Google Meet meeting then you need to have only a Google account (we advise using the Google Chrome browser in this case). If you want to use a smart phone for the Google Meet meeting then we advise you to download the Google Meet app in your smart phone. If you have not used Google Meet before, please try out with somebody you know and become comfortable with it.
4. Please find from the list below the date of your interview. Please be prepared to be contacted by us any time during 10 Hrs--13 Hrs and 14 Hrs--20 Hrs on this day or the day before or the day after. When we are ready to interview you we will first contact you in your mobile. We will then send you a link in your Gmail or send you the meeting code using which you will be requested to join the meeting in Google Meet.
5. Due to the possibility of unforeseen parameters if there are changes in the interview schedule we will inform you over your mobile phone or using email. We also advise you check this site frequently before your interview date for possible further updates.
6. If the Interview Committee is not satisfied with the quality of video streaming or any other related issues, alternative options will be made available.
Instructions to be followed during the interview:
1. Be in a room whose door is closed and you are alone. When the interview starts, you will be required to show the camera around the room.
2. Keep a photo id with you, with a clear identifiable picture of you, for verification by showing it to the camera.
3. Keep a white notebook (or enough blank white sheets of paper) and pen/pencil/eraser near by in the case we want you to use them. You may be required to show your written work to the camera, so consider writing clearly and in a big font size.
4. If you have a headphone/earphone with microphone, then please use it during the interview. We also advise you to keep your mobile/laptop/smartphone charged and on charger because video streaming drains battery.
5. Please think and tell your answer clearly and confidently. We look forward to interacting with you. 
Wednesday, July 22, 2020
1 NBHMZ1-354 Z1D120056 Yash Arora
2 NBHMZ1-391 Z1D120061 Mohammad Aqib
3 NBHMZ1-1685 Z1D120257 Shabarish Ch
4 NBHMZ1-2255 Z1CH20084 Sukhchain Singh
5 NBHMZ1-3151 Z1D320032 Ramakant Kumar
6 NBHMZ2-210 Z2ID20002 Dron Airon
7 NBHMZ2-860 Z2PR20030 Subrata Dey


Thursday, July 23, 2020

1 NBHMZ2-982 Z2PR20042 Santu Bera
2 NBHMZ2-1031 Z2PR20044 Mainak Bhowmik
3 NBHMZ2-1743 Z2PR20095 Akshaya Kumar
4 NBHMZ2-2173 Z2ID20023 Harish Kishnani
5 NBHMZ3-336 Z3MU20006 Manodeep Raha
6 NBHMZ3-674 Z3MU20010 Anand O R
7 NBHMZ3-675 Z3MU20011 Javadekar Omkar Deepak


Friday, July 24, 2020

1 NBHMZ3-2754 Z3PU20042 Dhruv Bhasin
2 NBHMZ4-85 Z4K120014 Arpan Das
3 NBHMZ4-195 Z4K120026 Arkamouli Debnath
4 NBHMZ4-227 Z4K120037 Partha Sarathi Ghosh
5 NBHMZ4-263 Z4K120044 Arka Mukherjee
6 NBHMZ4-268 Z4K120045 Srijan Das
7 NBHMZ4-299 Z4K120050 Arunabha Mukhopadhyay


Saturday, July 25, 2020

1 NBHMZ4-303 Z4K120051 Vignesh
2 NBHMZ4-350 Z4K120057 Abhinandan Das
3 NBHMZ4-387 Z4K120062 Bappa Ghosh
4 NBHMZ4-434 Z4BB20011 Rajat Kumar Mishra
5 NBHMZ4-478 Z4K120079 Bhargab Das
6 NBHMZ4-481 Z4K120080 Soumik Ghosh
7 NBHMZ4-837 Z4K120143 Arnab Roy


Monday, July 27, 2020

1 NBHMZ4-1054 Z4K120170 Abhinandan Dasmahapatra
2 NBHMZ4-1160 Z4K120192 Soumit Pal
3 NBHMZ4-1228 Z4K120202 Jayendrajyoti Kundu
4 NBHMZ4-1229 Z4K120203 Sayantan Bhakta
5 NBHMZ4-1230 Z4K120204 Shamim Sohel
6 NBHMZ4-1325 Z4K120214 Sai Krishna P.M.S.
7 NBHMZ4-1877 Z4K120292 Mayank Kumar Bijay


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1 NBHMZ4-1927 Z4K120303 Sarbajit Dey
2 NBHMZ4-2047 Z4K120312 Shakyajit Paik
3 NBHMZ4-2213 Z4K120329 Mehebub Alam
4 NBHMZ4-2665 Z4K120375 Saptak Bhattacharya
5 NBHMZ4-2763 Z4K220042 Ashutosh Kumar
6 NBHMZ4-2908 Z4BB20098 Sanjay Mukherjee
7 NBHMZ4-2909 Z4K220057 Shyamal Datta


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

1 NBHMZ4-2983 Z4K220068 Samir Das
2 NBHMZ4-3066 Z4K220085 Biswarup Saha
3 NBHMZ4-3353 Z4K220133 Kousik Samanta
4 NBHMZ4-3354 Z4K220134 Susanta Mondal
5 NBHMZ4-3365 Z4K220145 Saroj Ghosh
6 NBHMZ4-4009 Z4K120386 Utsabraj Sarkar
7 NBHMZ4-4119 Z4RC20080 Abhishek Mayank