Faculty positions

IMSc has regular faculty positions with the designations Fellow, Reader, Professor in the broad areas of Theoretical Physics , Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Biology   (The minimum qualification is a Ph.D. degree in any of the areas listed above)

Emoluments and benefits at IMSc are pegged to levels prescribed by the Indian government and are among the best available at academic institutions in India. In addition, the Institute has a liberal leave and sabbatical policy, is generous with travel support for scientific purposes and is assisted by a proactive and supportive administrative setup. Institute accommodation at the IMSc housing complex "Lilavati" (at Tiruvanmiyur, a few minutes from the seashore and about 4 kilometres from the Institute) is also available for all faculty members. Chennai itself is home to the second longest beach in the world and is one of India's most livable large cities.

We would like to attract the best applicants at the international level to IMSc. While we are open to expanding into new fields which are currently not represented at our Institute, we actively seek new faculty members in areas which we see as key to future developments in a given field, or in which we may leverage our specific strengths.

We expect our applicants to have acquired some reasonable measure of international recognition. We value creativity highly and will evaluate your published work accordingly. At an intermediate stage of our evaluation of your application, we usually seek further input from an international group of referees regarding their assessment of your research.

Typically, the interval between your applying to us and our making our decision should range from about 6 months at best to a year, at worst. In exceptional cases, however, accelerating this process for specific candidates whom we value very highly may be possible.

To apply, send a detailed C.V. to the following address:

The Director
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113, India
Email: director@imsc.res.in

Then arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be sent to the above address directly. Your application should include a description of your current research interests and a concise outline of the course of research you plan for the near future.

We strongly encourage you to visit and spend time with us as part of your application process. (While we cannot, typically, cover the costs of international air travel, we may be able to contribute to your travel within India to visit the Institute.) During your visit, we will arrange a seminar, as well as individual meetings with several Institute members, in particular those whose interests overlap maximally with yours. To set up such a visit, write to the faculty member/members whose interests most nearly approximate yours or to the Director directly, at the above email/snail mail address.

 Independent of whether you are applying to IMSc, if your scientific interests are close to ours, we urge you to take advantage of our strong visitors program to get to know our Institute better.

 For more information regarding these or other matters, please do write to any Institute faculty member or the Director.