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Journal URL Volumes Issue Ends Period Ends
Radiotherapy and Oncology 31-Jan-95 - to the date
RAIN 1974 - 1984
RAND Journal of Economics 1984 - 2002
Random Operators and Stochastic Equations 1 - 16 1993 - 2008
Random Structures and Algorithms 1997 - to the date
RBM-News 31-Dec-95 - to the date
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters 1974 - 1996
Reactive and Functional Polymers 30-Sep-95 - to the date
Reactive Polymers 31-Dec-89 - to the date
Reading Research Quarterly 1965 - 1999
Real-Time Imaging 30-Apr-95 - to the date
Real-Time Systems 1989 - 1996
Réanimation 31-Jan-01 - to the date
Réanimation Urgences 1-Dec-98 - to the date
Recent Acquisitions 1985 - 1988
Recherche - Transports - Sécurité 31-Mar-98 - to the date
Refocus 28-Feb-01 - to the date
Regional and Urban Economics - to the date
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine 28-Feb-98 - to the date
Regional Science and Urban Economics 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Regulatory Peptides 5-Jan-95 - to the date
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Reinforced Plastics 31-Jan-90 - to the date
Reliability Engineering - to the date
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 31-Dec-95 - to the date
Religion 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Religion and American Culture
Remote Sensing of Environment 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Renaissance News 1948 - 1966
Renaissance Quarterly 1967 - 2001
Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo 1952 - 1996
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 6-Mar-97 - to the date
Renewable Energy 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Reports on Mathematical Physics 31-Aug-70 - to the date
Reports on Progress in Physics 1934 - the date
Representations 1983 - 2001
Reproductive Health Matters 31-May-95 - to the date
Reproductive Toxicology 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Requirements Engineering
Research in Developmental Disabilities 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Research in Economics 30-Apr-97 - to the date
Research in Immunology 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Research in International Business and Finance 30-Apr-04 - to the date
Research in Microbiology 31-Dec-95 - to the date
Research in Veterinary Science 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Research in Virology 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Research Intelligence 1975 - 1977
Research Policy 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Research Strategies 1-Oct-97 - to the date
Resonance - Journal of Science Education
Resource and Energy Economics 31-May-95 - to the date
Resource Recovery and Conservation - to the date
Resources and Conservation - to the date
Resources and Energy - to the date
Resources Policy 31-Mar-95 - to the date
Respiration Physiology 31-Jan-95 - to the date
Respiratory Medicine 30-Sep-95 - to the date
Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 31-Mar-02 - to the date
Resuscitation 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Review of Accounting Studies
Review of Agricultural Economics 1991 - 1999
Review of Derivatives Research
Review of Economic Design
Review of Economic Dynamics 31-Jan-98 - to the date
Review of Economic Studies 1933 - 2001
Review of Economics and Statistics 1919 - 1999
Review of Educational Research 1931 - 1999
Review of English Studies 1925 - 1999
Review of Financial Economics 30-Jun-95 - to the date
Review of Financial Studies
Review of Industrial Organization
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 28-Feb-95 - to the date
Review of Physics in Technology 1 - 3 1970 - 1972
Review of Politics 1939 - 2001