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List of Online Resources

Electronic resources comprise library online catalog, list of CD-ROMs, Online Journals, Databases, Newspapers, Reference Materials,Open Access Journals, e-books, major publishers and online bookshops.

Access to electronic resources is restricted to IMSc community only. Systematic and mass downloading of files is strictly prohibited by the publishers. Any violation may result in loss of access privileges. The use of electronic resources hosted here implies that users have read and agree to this.

Journal Title Vol. Begins Vol. Ends Period Begins Period Ends
Acta physica polonica B Print+Online(1970+)
Acta physica polonica A Print+Online(2000+)
Acta physica polonica B Proceedings supplement 1 2008 to the date
Acta Psychologica 88 28-Feb-95 to the date
Acta Tropica 59 31-Mar-95 to the date
Acute Pain 1 1997 to the date
Ad Hoc Networks 1 31-Jul-03 to the date
Addictive Behaviors 20 28-Feb-95 to the date
Additives for Polymers 17 31-Jan-87 to the date
Administrative Science Quarterly 1956 2007
Advanced Cement Based Materials 1 31-Oct-93 to the date
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 15 31-Jul-95 to the date
Advanced Engineering Informatics 16 31-Jan-02 to the date
Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras 78 archive 23 1997 2013
Advances in Applied Mathematics [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive(1980+)]
Advances in Applied Probability 1969 to the date
Advances in Biophysics 31 31-Dec-95 to the date
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 54 3-Jan-95 to the date
Advances in Complex Systems
Advances in Computational Mathematics 1 1993 1996
Advances in Engineering Software 22 31-Dec-95 to the date
Advances in Environmental Research 4 1-Jun-00 to the date
Advances in Enzyme Regulation 35 31-Dec-95 to the date
Advances in Mathematics [Print+Online (Current + Complete Archive(1973+)]
Advances in Neonatal Care 3 30-Jun-03 to the date
Advances in Neuroimmunology 5 31-Dec-95 to the date
Advances in Optics and Photonics Online (Current )
Advances in Physics [Print+Online (Current + Complete Archive)]
Advances in Solid State Physics ebook 1 36 1962 1996
Advances in Space Research 1 31-Dec-81 to the date
Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Print+Online (1994+ )
Advances in Water Resources 18 31-Dec-95 to the date
Aequationes Mathematicae 1 1968 1996
Aerospace Science and Technology 1 31-Jan-97 to the date
Aesthetic Surgery Journal 19 31-Mar-99 to the date
AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications 55 1-Jan-01 to the date
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 1928 1999
African Affairs 2000 1944 1999
African American Review 1992 2001
African Historical Studies 1968-1971
African Issues 2000 2001
African Languages and Cultures 1988 1997
African Languages and Cultures. Supplement 1992 1996
African Studies Bulletin 1958 1969
African Studies Review 1970 2001
Ageing Research Reviews 1 28-Feb-02 to the date
Aggression and Violent Behavior 1 30-Jun-96 to the date
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 72 31-Jan-95 to the date
Agricultural Economics 12 30-Apr-95 to the date
Agricultural Systems 47 31-Dec-95 to the date
Agricultural Water Management 27 30-Apr-95 to the date
AI & Society 1 1987 1996
AIBS Bulletin 1951 1963
AIP Conference Proceedings 1 456 1970 1998
Air & Space Europe 1 28-Feb-99 to the date
Air Medical Journal 14 31-Mar-95 to the date
Aircraft Design 1 31-Mar-98 to the date
AJS Review 1976 1999
Alcohol 12 28-Feb-95 to the date
Algebra and Logic 7 1968 1996
Algebra Universalis 1 archive + current To the date 1971 To the date
Algorithmica 1 archive + current To the date 1986 To the date
Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 1981 2001
Ambulatory Surgery 3 31-Mar-95 to the date
American Anthropologist 1888 1997
American Antiquity 1935 2001
American Art 1991 2003
American Art Journal 1969 2002
American Bar Foundation Research Journal 1976 1987
American Economic Association Quarterly 1908 1910
American Economic Review 1911 2002
American Educational Research Journal 1964 1999
American Ethnologist 1974 1997
American Heart Journal 129 31-Jan-95 to the date
American Historical Review 1895