Computer Facilities at IMSc


IMSc has a highly sophisticated user community working in such computationally challenging research areas as lattice gauge theories, Monte-Carlo simulations and large scale symbolic manipulations in physics and mathematics.


  • Every user has a desktop machine which is connected to IMSc's internal LAN.
  • Wireless connectivity to the LAN is also available on campus.
  • Computational facilities are provided by Cluster Super Computers and Multi-CPU, Multi-core SMP Systems.


Apart from Fortran and C libraries, symbolic manipulation packages like MACSYMA, MATHEMATICA and FORM are available in addition to graphics packages like SuperMongo (on Sun). IMSL, Numerical Recipes and MATLAB libraries are also available.

Internet access is provided by NKN (100Mbps) and a 26Mbps fibre link to Airtel Connection.


Jul 27 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Chandrasekhar Hall - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club
Jul 28 - Hall 123 - A study on measures of total and quantum correlations by Shrobona Bagchi
Jul 28 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Hitchin morphism for parahoric torsors by Rohit Verma
Jul 29 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive

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