Monday, January 25 2021
16:00 - 17:00

IMSc Webinar

Select, Allocate, and Manipulate via Multivariate Analysis

Sanjukta Roy


In Computational Social Choice, we are generally presented with problems where we deal with agents with preferences. One of the central questions there is how to aggregate preferences to achieve a collective decision. For example (i) to form a committee from a set of candidates based on voter preferences, (ii) to find an allocation of agents that respects everyone's preferences, etc. (iii) Another paradigm of problem arises due to the strategic behavior of agents. Here, a set of agents or a central body might want to manipulate the outcome. Problems in this domain range from classical stable matching related problems to relatively new tournament manipulation problems. In this thesis we study one or two problems from each of the three categories mentioned above. They generally involve a large number of agents and are NP-hard. We study these problems in the realm of Parameterized Complexity.

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