Tuesday, October 26 2021
15:00 - 16:00

IMSc Webinar

Structural and functional insights into biological systems through molecular modelling and simulations

Kanagasabai Balamurugan

Biotechnologisches Zentrum (BIOTEC), Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB), Technische Universität Dresden, Germany.

Computational biomolecular simulations are highly useful scientific methodology for understanding the biomolecular systems at an extremely precise length and time scales. Most of the biomolecular structure and function are dictated by the changes in the non-covalent interactions existing between the interacting molecular systems, and thus the computational methodologies like modelling, docking and molecular dynamics simulation were demonstrated to be an ideal tool to understand the biomolecular structure and function. The results of the following research topics are discussed in this presentation. (1) the structure and stability of the protein secondary structural element α-helix on interaction with carbon nano materials.1-3
(2) interaction of PET (positron emission tomography) tracers with amyloid beta peptides(Aβ42) for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.4,5 (3) interaction of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) with various growth factors pertaining to the skin and bone degeneration.6-10

(1) K. Balamurugan, R. Gopalakrishnan, S. Sundar Raman, and V. Subramanian. Exploring the changes in the structure of α-helical peptides
adsorbed onto a single walled carbon nanotube using classical molecular dynamics simulation. J. Phys. Chem. (B), 114, (2010) 14048–14058
(Published as Cover Article).
(2) K. Balamurugan, E. R. Azhagiya Singam and V. Subramanian. Effect of curvature on the α-helix breaking tendency of carbon
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(5) K. Balamurugan*, N. A. Murugan*, B. Långström, A. Nordberg, and H. Ågren*. Effect of Alzheimer familial chromosomal mutations on
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2666. *Published as corresponding author
(6) S. Thönes#, S. Rother#, T. Wippold# , J. Blaszkiewicz , K. Balamurugan , G. Ruiz-Gómez, S. Moeller, M. Schnabelrauch, D. Scharnweber,
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contributed equally
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(9) K. Balamurugan, L. Koehler, J. Dürig, U. Hempel, J. Rademann, V. Hintze and M. T. Pisabarro. Structural insights into the modulation of
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(10) K. Balamurugan and M. T. Pisabarro. Role of water solvation in stabilizing the anion-π interaction in proteins. AC Omega (2021), 6,

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