Wednesday, September 29 2021
15:30 - 17:00

IMSc Webinar

Measuring CP violating phase in beauty baryon decays

Rahul Sinha


One of the outstanding problems in physics is to explain the baryon-anti-baryon asymmetry observed in nature. According to the well-known Sakharov criterion for explaining the observed baryon-anti-baryon asymmetry, it is essential that $CP$ violation exist in the baryon sector. However, $CP$ violation has only been observed in mesons decays and is yet to be convincingly demonstrated in baryon decays. A critical test of the standard model (SM) goes beyond just observing CP violation in baryons and requires that it be measured in baryon decays as well, in order to verify that it agrees with the measurement using meson decays. We propose a new method to measure CP violating phase in b-baryons, using interference arising implicitly due to Bose symmetry considerations of the decaying amplitudes.

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